Workshop : Spartan-6 to 7 Series Migration (French Language)


1 day - 7 hours


  • During the event, you will be presented the possibilities of migrating your developments on Spartan-6 to Series-7 architectures, and an introduction to the Vivado tool.


  • Hardware development flow with the ISE® design suite.
  • Basic knowledge of Spartan-6 FPGAs

Concerned public

  • Technicians and Engineers in Digital Electronics
  • All our training courses are given at a distance and are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • For other people, in order to find a training or a job adapted to your handicap, you can go on the site of the AGEFIPH


  • Release date: 15/12/2021


Spartan®-6 and Series-7 Architecture Comparison

Vivado Design Tool Flow

Behavioral Simulation

Synthesis and Implementation

Introduction to Reports


Developing with the IP Integrator

Introduction to Zynq

Teaching Methods

  • Inter-company training:
    • Onlive training
    • Presentation by Webex
    • Provision of PDF course materials


  • Authorized Trainer Provider XILINX : Engineer Electronics and Telecommunications ENSIL
    • Expert FPGA/SoC/MPSoC/RFSoC/ACAP XILINX - Languages VHDL/Verilog - DSP - Design RTL - Embedded C

PC Recommended

  • Software Configuration :
    • WebEx Cisco
    • RealVNC Viewer
    • Vivado Design Suite 2020.2
  • Hardware configuration:
    • Recent computer (i5 or i7)
    • OS 64-bits (Linux ou Windows)
    • At least 16GB RAM
    • Recommended display resolution 1920x1080


xilinx atp